TCL takes great pride in manufacturing products that enhance people’s everyday lives. Our diverse range of offerings caters to industries such as plastics, paints, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. With cutting-edge production facilities, we ensure timely delivery and efficient logistics, earning a reputation for excellence and dependability.

TCL upholds safety, integrity, and the well-being of its employees and stakeholders as core values. TCL products are certified, guaranteeing adherence to the highest health and safety standards. We are dedicated to being responsible members of the communities in which we operate, actively engaging with and positively contributing to them.

Integrity is the foundation of our business, and TCL believe in emonstrating it through its actions and maintaining transparent relationships with our customers, partners, investors, and employees.

TCL is committed to environmental sustainability, implementing industry-leading initiatives that have a positive impact on the communities we serve.

TCL Milestones


TCL Europe established for marketing, logistics and warehousing via TCL Global BV in Netherlands.


TCL expands Phthalic Anhydride production in Dahej, Gujurat.


Optimistic Organic Sdn Bhd increases its Maleic Anhydride production capacity.


TCL acquires the Malaysia Maleic Anhydride plant through its subsidiary Optimistic Organic Sdn Bhd.


TCL closes down its benzene based Maleic Anhydride production at Ranipet.


TCL increases its Food Ingredients production capacity.


Ultramarine & Pigments sets up Lapiz Digital Services, to address the nascent BPO market in the US & Europe.


TCL starts a Butane based Maleic Anhydride plant in Malaysia.


TCL increases its Phthalic Anhydride & Food Ingredients production capacity.


TCL scales up & commercializes Food Ingredients technology.


TCL builds a Benzene based Maleic Anhydride plant.


TCL increases its Phthalic Anhydride production capacity and starts manufacturing Maleic Anhydride from Phthalic Anhydride plant effluent.


Chemidye starts manufacturing Plasticizers and Esters.


TCL builds a Petrochemical Storage & Distribution Terminal at Chennai Port.


Thirumalai Chemicals Limited ( TCL ) builds a Phthalic Anhydride plant at Ranipet, under license from Wacker Chemie GmBH.


Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd expands with a synthetic detergent & sulfonation plant at Ranipet.


Based on the relationship Chemidye had with Bayer, the founders set up Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd, to manufacture inorganic pigments at Ambattur, Chennai.


Founders N. S. Iyengar & N. R. Swamy started the Chemidye Trading Company to import & distribute chemicals and dyes in India.