We are extremely proud of our commitment to sustainability. It is part of our DNA, and deeply engrained in our culture. Over the past 35 years, long before government mandates, we have worked toward minimizing our environmental footprint. We are FSSC 22000 (equivalent to GFSI), HACCP, Halal & Kosher Certified, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 50001 compliant, and a Responsible Care Company.

As most of us live near our manufacturing facilities, we have a vested interest in the surrounding environment. We constantly work to reduce our water and energy consumption, recover valuable products from our effluents, and reduce our inputs. Every new product is looked at critically.

Our manufacturing process is one of the most efficient in the industry. We have modified the exothermic process in our plants to extract energy and heat to use in our operations, making our energy footprint near zero. While many companies incinerate the off-gases they produce in the process of creating chemical products or release treated effluents into local sewers, we have discovered ways to create value from the byproducts. They are now at the heart of two successful business groups at TCL.

At TCL we know that by reducing our environmental footprint, we increase our chances of sustaining a successful business.


Over the last twenty years, we have reduced our use of specific water consumption by 85% through many innovations. We recycle 100% of our water after recovering valuable products from our effluent treatment plant.


At TCL we have a three-pronged energy savings approach. We recover energy from waste heat, we use energy efficiently, and we encourage innovation by employees. 95% of our total power requirements are met from waste heat and steam. Reduction in energy use is a habit.

We have implemented over 1,000 small energy saving measures, such as replacing old equipment, installing efficient technology, and ensuring maintenance in the plant is regularly monitored. Lastly, we created an online employee forum, where one can give their suggestions on energy and safety practices.


Our emissions are fully treated and clean. They are continuously monitored and reported to the state regulator and the public in real time. Our dramatic reductions in energy and input-use have resulted in exceptional air emission performance.

We have reduced our carbon dioxide emissions by reducing our need for energy in our production process and transportation. For example by using steam to raise the temperatures in the production process, we have reduced the need for furnace oil, a petroleum product.


TCL has an excellent safety culture and a robust reporting system built on involvement at all levels. We encourage self-audits and ask employees to report failures immediately. A safety park was built onsite in 2012 to demonstrate many of our onsite safety features.


TCL was one of the earliest RCC signatories in India, and one of the few to be audited and certified. In 2008 the Indian Chemical Council recognized us as ‘Best Responsible Care Committed Company’ in India.